Bibi van der Velden is a fine jewellery house renowned for designs that resemble what our namesake founder calls “miniature, wearable works of art.” 

With a background in sculpture and fine arts, integrity and originality lies behind each of Bibi’s creations. Her fine jewellery is detailed and elegant, with an unmistakable wit and human touch. 

Design, craftsmanship, and sustainability are at the core of the brand’s values, and touch all aspects of our business. From the process of crafting Bibi’s fine jewellery to sourcing sustainable gold and responsibly-mined precious stones, to beautiful packaging and merchandising, to an unsurpassed customer service, attention to detail and innovative thinking lie at the heart of our company. 

 Based in a beautiful, light-filled headquarters at the centre of Amsterdam, Bibi van der Velden is made up of a team of ten, whose expertise spans design to marketing to sales. We’re an international team, and our brand has a global reach. Indeed, among our prestigious stockists are Harrods in London, Dover Street Market in London, Tokyo, and New York, and L’Eclaireur in Paris. 

While we thrive on a collaborative culture – there’s truly no “I” in our team – equally, each team member is trusted with the freedom to make decisions and take ownership of their role. We have a passion for what we do in growing the Bibi van der Velden jewellery house, and take delight in working with these precious, inventive fine jewellery creations every day. Each member of our team takes pride in making an impact and offers their own unique, positive contribution to the brand. And alongside this exciting, inspirational working environment, among the many benefits we provide for our employees are healthy lunches served at our HQ, alongside yoga and boxing classes. We’re a family business, and we see the studio as our home from home.


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Managing Director


Sales Director 


PR, Marketing & Sustainability Director